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Our digital platform opens up new opportunities to enhance your event while saving money

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Engage your event guests through photo sharing & live slideshows cross your venue.
Your custom event portal allows attendees to easily share photos with you for instant use on stage or in marketing content

Use your live photowall to endorse a sponsored product or competitions

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No App Required

Event attendees don’t need to download or register for an app, and can share directly from their smartphone in seconds

AI Moderation

Our moderation engines does all the work to make sure your live photowall remains appropriate for all attendees

Full Quality Marketing Content

We do not compress the original image files, so they’re ready for use in all of your campaigns

Compliance Handled

Our platform handles all requirements of GDPR and usage permissions through our T&Cs.

Fully Managed

A member of our team will manage your entire platform on your behalf

Generate More Revenue

Adding takeNplace to your event can provide new ways to increase revenue to each of your events.

Apply yours or your partners branding to your big screen and engage your audience in new digital experience.

Some ways that our customers have used takeNplace to generate new streams of revenue at their events:

  • Branded sponsorship of live screen
  • Partner competitions
  • Product placement

Case Studies

Sharing some recent examples of how takeNplace event enhanced customer events, provided new revenue options & boosted their marketing content

  • International Tech Party
    Introduction Large international tech manufacturer were celebrating a significant milestone in their companies history and had organised a day of celebrating at their Cork office for their team of over 250 staff The office manager, acting as the event organiser, wanted to collect memories throughout the day and use them as interactive entertainment around the… Read more: International Tech Party
  • Worldwide Drinks Brand
    A multinational drinks brand saw increased engagement & built a massive communications catalogue from their yearly multi location celebrations.

How It Works

Four simple steps to add takeNplace to your event


Platform Setup

Your designated account manager will take all necessary details and setup your platform to match your event & brand standards



Use your personalised QR codes across your event to get everyone involved


On the Day

Collect photos at your event.
Simply plug any smart device into your AV system to share your live slideshow across your event (optional)


Next Campaign

Add photos to your catalogue instantly, and use across your socials & communication campaigns

Boost Your Marketing Content

Collect 1000’s of authentic photographs from your guest’s ready to be used in your next marketing campaign, on social media or through internal communications.

Our included live photowall encourages event guests to share their photos, and will drastically increase the number of photos added to your catalogue

Reduce Photography Overhead

Every event needs a quality, professional photographer ….. but does it need two or three?

takeNplace event allows you to use a QR code to crowd source 1000’s of genuine photos from your event attendees. Most guest’s are now carrying a high quality camera (smartphone) min their pocket and will be taking their own photos.
These photos can seamlessly be added to you media catalogue.

All it takes is a QR code

A simple scan of a QR code or link on your tickets, and guests’ can share their photos & provide permission for your use in 3 clicks!

Get in Touch

Each event is different. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out how we can help you add an innovative digital experience to your next event

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Four simple steps to add takeNplace to your event

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