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A major brand agency in Dublin, was tasked with arranging a series of events on behalf of a major drinks brand. These events were designed to reward key stakeholders & employees across the brands Irish operations.
This renowned global drinks brand has consistently demonstrated its commitment to enhancing team cohesion and employee engagement through a series of innovative strategies. In a unique and engaging initiative, the brand designed a multi-event team-building journey utilizing the novel services of takeNplace.
This case study aims to explore how integrating a live photo wall into their events not only bolstered team spirit but also strategically supported their internal communication and branding initiatives while ensuring digital privacy.


With teams scattered across various global locations, the client sought to build a unified, engaged, and integrated work culture, ensuring that every team member felt valued and connected, irrespective of their geographical location.
They planned a series of team-building events, each designed to celebrate, motivate and integrate their diverse workforce.


The challenge lay in curating a unique, immersive experience that went beyond the traditional scope of team-building events. The client wanted to ensure that moments captured at these events could be shared live across multiple venues, creating a cohesive experience for all participants while also safeguarding these memories from public social media platforms.


  • Employing the takeNplace a live photo collection service, to seamlessly collect and share photographs from multiple events simultaneously
  • Using proprietary moderation technology to ensure all content was suitable for the occasion
  • takeNplace provided their live photo slideshow at each event location, broadcasting images from various venues onto existing screens in real-time
  • To ensure privacy and exclusivity, photos were shared on a platform inaccessible to the public, creating a safe space for team members to express themselves freely
  • By keeping the images off public social media platforms, they guaranteed the security and confidentiality of their employees’ data and memories


  • The integration of the live photo wall facilitated a unique, interconnected experience among team members, fostering a sense of unity and collective identity across all locations
  • The digital aspect introduced a fresh, fun element into the traditional team-building setup. Employees engaged in playful photo sessions, enhancing their event participation and enjoyment
  • The live photo wall acted as a dynamic, ever-changing centerpiece, sparking conversations and interactions among team members
  • The catalogue of photographs now serves as a rich resource for internal communication material in the subsequent months, facilitating the creation of presentations and other internal communications that highlighted the vibrant culture of the brand
  • The photographs also acted as a reminder of shared experiences, continuously reinforcing team bonds and shared company values
  • By keeping the photographs and experiences enclosed within a private digital space, we ensured that employees could enjoy the events without concern for external scrutiny or privacy invasion.


The innovative use of takeNplace reflects the brand’s commitment to not only fostering a robust, integrated team culture but also to navigating the challenges posed by geographical dispersion and digital privacy concerns. The success of this initiative highlights the potential of integrating digital innovations into team-building strategies, ensuring that teams remain connected, engaged, and valued in our increasingly virtual world

The client said

This is just what my client was looking for. I was thrilled when I spoke to Valda and
realised, I could not only make their vision a reality but also put their name on it was
really special

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