International Tech Party


Large international tech manufacturer were celebrating a significant milestone in their companies history and had organised a day of celebrating at their Cork office for their team of over 250 staff

The office manager, acting as the event organiser, wanted to collect memories throughout the day and use them as interactive entertainment around the office.

Due to the sensitive nature of the companies work – public social media was not feasible!


As a tech innovator, the event organiser want put takeNplace events digital experience at the centre of the celebrations, alongside other treats & party elements.
takeNplace’s live streamed photowall achieved this, whilst also sharing a real-world application of cutting edge AI, which the team loved.

We added a ‘Photo Scavenger Hunt‘ to add even more excitement and to keep the photos coming throughout the day. Members of the leadership team, “red shirts” were hunted out like for those elusive trophy photos.

Our digital platform allowed the client to customise their photowall to allign with their brand and provided a private, secure & compliant way to gather 1000’s of photos from across the day.


The team were thrilled with the use of AI & digital screens, with photos coming in from morning into the evening.
The Photo Scavenger Hunt encouraged the team to mix amongst themselves, forming new relationships & fostering team building to get more exciting photographs to wow the judges & entertain their colleagues.
Overall the customer built a collection of over 500 unique photos and added cohesion from beginning to end.
Having these photos to use at future events and as part of their internal communications strategy, means that the memories of the achievement and value of the day will last for many years to come.

Everything looked great. I printed off the cards which we all loved; it was all perfect.
It really couldn’t have been easier to present all the pictures”.

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